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Your power is found in your purpose.... Interesting thought don’t you think? If you’re looking for uplifting, encouraging, life filled and positive bursts of self worth, purposeful thinking come have a nosy!



Life is a journey, full of highs and lows as humans we have to realise that circumstances do not have to define us.

Circumstances can either push you to be more, or shackle you.

Could this be a choice we make?

I believe it is – it’s a battle to break free and not an easy battle at that, but I believe it’s achievable.

You can achieve so much more if you just decide enough is enough.

Enough of the old and more of the new.

Fear can play a massive part, have you heard of the phrase ‘comfort zones’? These are exactly that, a comfort. You might even find yourself staying in the hurt because it’s become comfortable and the unknown leaves us vulnerable and ‘we’ can’t have that, that shows our weaknesses!

Fear can hold you or you can kick fears butt. Choice is yours.

Shall we make a start?

Finding out who you are is the beginning…

Helping you to see how amazing you are, learning to love yourself and respecting you can surely bring more joy than you’ll realise, a freedom, a confidence, self worth and that’s just the beginning…

But first Gratitude.

My goal.

-I N S P I R E – M O T I V A T E – E N C O U R A G E –

I want to help you see the person who God created you to be.


Nat xXx

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